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A collective with a goal to make a significant difference in connecting global STEAM interdisciplinary.

​STEAM:ED Collective strives to break the norm and the expected in STEM communication and we believe this is only possible through the arts.  We are keen to push the boundaries of STEM communication and are eager to collaborate with musicians, performing artists (dramatic and musical), poets, and designers for example to achieve this goal.

​The enterprise was born out of observation and a passion.  The observation identified a disconnect between the public’s lack of true awareness of ongoing research leading to key findings in STEM areas in academia.

Through this venture, we will inspire and ignite conversations surrounding STEM themes as well as widen the public's knowledge of pioneering research ongoing in those areas.



STEAM:ED Collective presents our Jobs in STEAM webinar series.

Our series will consist of career talks and panel discussions to provide inspiration and advice to all who have an interest in careers in STEAM. 
Our webinars will be for 60 minutes once or twice a month where you will get an opportunity to learn from a range of individuals as well as put your questions to them. Sign up for our newsletter to keep updated!

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Upcoming Events

  • Jobs in STEAM with Metalchemy
    02 Dec, 12:00 – 13:00 GMT
    Metalchemy is a London based nanotech start-up that strives to develop green solutions for a brighter future. Find out about the world of nanotechnology, entrepreneurship and STEAM interdisciplinary with CEO and Co-Founder Federico Trotta!
  • Jobs in STEAM with VacTrack
    Thu, 11 Nov
    11 Nov, 12:00 – 12 Nov, 13:00
    VacTrack is your digital immunity wallet! VacTrack is a mobile application that serves as a patient-centric platform for vaccine guidance and seamless tracking. Find out about the how this app was developed during the COVID19 pandemic with Co-Founders Gabriella Hakim and Emily Gaizley!


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